Do I need to use a face serum?

No. But serums for skincare are something more and more of us are using.  It’s a way to get special active ingredients directly into our skin before we put anything else on it, thereby getting the most benefit out of those ingredients.   Fast absorbing, serums contain less or none of the nut and seed oils that most moisturisers contain.  For those with oily skin, a daytime serum may be all you need, for those with dryer skin, a serum is great to use before you apply your nourishing daily moisturiser.

Kumanu’s first serum is Restore & Protect, and it’s name is pretty self explanatory.   

What’s in it?

Selectively curated New Zealand grown & world star antioxidants – blackcurrant and green tea. 

Combining them with New Zealand red seaweed and Mamaku (black fern) maximises restoration and protection of the skin. 

Coenzyme Q10 which proliferates epidermal cell regeneration and decreases collagen degradation and UV damage.

Vitamin C – as the skin benefits of Vitamin C cannot be achieved well by ingestion, topical application is essential for preventing damage resulting from pollution, smoke and sunlight.

What will it do?

  • Instantly hydrate and plump the skin 
  • Provide long lasting hydration 
  • Diminish fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Provide an anti-pollution shield 
  • Soothe and calm the skin 

How do I use it?

Apply it every morning, either on its own or before moisturiser.  As always, don’t forget your sunscreen!  

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