The naked shampoo movement

I love nakedness – especially when it comes to product packaging. Enter the shampoo bar. Zero plastic. No more plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles. Ever.

This is reason enough to switch from your bottles, but wait, there’s more. Bars are perfect for travel, they last for ages and most brands seem to be natural which is always a plus.

Many people are wary of switching to a shampoo bar and feel it won’t clean their hair properly. If you are switching to a shampoo soap, there will definitely be a transition period, however you can switch straight to a Kumanu bar and the only difference you should notice is the improved condition of your hair.

Let me quickly clarify the difference between a shampoo soap bar and a shampoo bar. A shampoo soap bar is made in the same way as cold process soap, using hair friendly oils and fats. A shampoo bar is made with surfactants and conditioners similar to those also used in liquid shampoos. Both bars can be natural or synthetic or a combination of both.

Shampoo bar and conditioner bar

The Kumanu shampoo and conditioner bars are (of course!) all natural, made with plant-derived surfactants, conditioners, oils, butters and fragrances. They are very gentle and good for all hair types and hair lengths. The conditioner can be left on curly hair for extra shaping and condition between washes and is great for frizz taming.

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