What does magnesium oil do?

Every cell in the body needs magnesium in some way, it is essential for bone, tooth, muscle and joint health as well as for optimal sleep,  stress reduction, blood pressure regulation and blood sugar uptake.

Healthy diets are often not enough to get the magnesium our bodies need from food alone.  Magnesium deficiency is widespread because many natural sources are becoming depleted. Our soil contains less magnesium due to over-farming and high pesticide use. Water filtration systems also remove much of the naturally occurring magnesium in water.

In addition, many of us have lifestyle factors that actively deplete our magnesium levels such as lack of sleep, excess stress, or alcohol/caffeine/sugar consumption. 

The ocean is a wonderful source of magnesium and trace minerals, but for those of us who don’t have daily access to a beach, transdermal (via the skin) absorption of magnesium can be the easiest and most effective way to increase magnesium levels.

Magnesium Oil Spray

Kumanu magnesium spray is made from natural magnesium chloride flakes that are harvested from the Dead Sea in the Middle East. 

Although it is called ‘oil’ the viscosity actually resembles that of water. It contains no oil, can be used daily, is non-greasy and leaves no unpleasant odour.   You may experience a tingling sensation on your skin after application which soon disappears.  

 Magnesium oil can be sprayed directly to the site of muscle tension, cramps, pain and headache.

Can Magnesium Oil be used for children?

Yes, this may be added to their bath or rubbed on their skin, but please avoid any scratches or scrapes as the magnesium may make them sting a little.

Magnesium oil is also a highly effective deodorant and can be sprayed under the arms and on the feet.


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