kumanu – (verb) to tend carefully, foster, attend to, care for, cherish

Kumanu is simple, natural, reasonably priced skincare, handmade in New Zealand, from my home in the beautiful Waitakere Ranges. Everything is either made to order or in very small batches so your product will be as fresh as possible.

All ingredients are sustainably sourced, and where possible produced in NZ; in fact the beeswax, honey kawakawa and calendula I harvest myself from my own backyard!

Have a look at the ingredients list on your moisturiser/hand cream/any skincare product. How many ingredients are there? Do you know what they all are? My products are 100% free from nasty toxins, harmful chemicals, synthetic fragrance and have never been tested on animals (with the exception of human family members!).

Face Cleanser

“Fantastic refreshing facewash leaving my skin feeling fantastic and not dried. Great to have a refill option.”

~ Malenka

Liquid Gold Face Oil

“Love love love. Five stars. Great moisturising oil and love the smell. Going to keep buying it.”

~ Claire
Winter skin care
Cold weather and dry indoor air steals moisture from your skin, so …
Do I need to use a face serum?
No. But serums for skincare are something more and more of us …

Best Sellers

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