Waiatarua Honey

Kumanu has its very own source of bee products in a little hobby apiary I have in my back yard. The honey my bees produce is a Manuka blend so it has the wonderful properties unique to this variety of honey.

While all raw honey has health benefits, this very special variety of honey, collected from the Manuka tree and native to New Zealand, has been proven to have a substantially higher level of antibacterial and restorative properties: namely Hydrogen Peroxide and Methylglyoxal (MG).*

This makes it a potent anti-inflammatory, soothing inflamed skin while healing blemishes. Multiple studies have shown that manuka honey can also amplify the regeneration of tissue, so is a natural anti-ageing ingredient.**

*Honey for Nutrition and Health: A Review. Journal of the American College of Nutrition. **National Centre for Biotechnology Information, US National Library of Medicine.

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